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About Us - Jim & Christine Etchepare

We are because they were, and they will be because we are.

Christine and Jim Etchepare started Barbot-Etchepare Basque Imports in 2014.

Christine Barbot was born in Argentina and immigrated to the USA with her family. Her father, Praxedes Hualde Barbot, was from Luzaide, Spain and her mother, Jeannette Haran Barbot, was from Jaxu, France. Jim Etchepare was born in San Francisco, California. His father, Baptiste Etchepare, immigrated from Mendive, France. His mother, Rita Etchepare, was born in Patterson, California to Spanish Basque immigrants from Errazu, Spain.

Christine and Jim are very proud of their Basque heritage. They enjoy visiting their many cousins, friends, and family in the United States and in Euskal Herria, connecting with their roots. Christine and Jim, through Basque Imports, seek to educate people about the Basque culture, to celebrate their heritage in order to perpetuate the culture to all Basques, young and old.  

They seek to honor all Basques: those who have lived, those who are living, and those yet to be born.