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Basque people are know as Euskalduna , which means the person who speaks Basque, or Euskaldunak the people who speak Basque.

Basque Country in its totality is known as Euskal Herria. It comprises seven provinces; Alava, Vizcaya and Guipuzcoa Navarra, Labourd, Basse Navarre and Soule.

The Basques and their language and culture are said to be more ancient than any other in Europe. The Basque language is unique, with its roots showing no connection to the family of Indo-European languages. The region of the Basque people could hold the secret of the oldest known origins of Homo sapiens in Europe. Basque forefathers created the Pyrenean cave paintings of the Stone Age period.

Medieval Basques were Europe’s first whalers. They were accomplished sailors and navigators and were the first people known to circumnavigate the world by ocean.· Many Basques were crew-members on the early European explorer ships. It was Basque sailors who, in 1492, set sail with Columbus to the New World. Although the precise source of the Basque culture is unknown, it is clear the sheepherding instinct and the crafts and practices that accompanied it, is ingrained at the deepest level of Basque culture. Agricultural processes and sheepherding are also known to have been practiced for centuries in the Basque region.

Basque immigrants to the Americas were explorers and part of an expansionist culture. They were not downtrodden folk and in setting out into the wider world, they took with them, their sense of independence and fairness. They settled in many countries all over the world. The largest groupings are in the Americas. Large populations are in Nevada and California, and Argentina, with smaller groupings in Wyoming, Utah, Mexico and Central America. Basques have become very successful as farmers, ranchers, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, teachers and have also excelled in many other professional fields.

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