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Barbot Etchepare Basque Imports

SBA1 Baby Onesies

Baa Baa Basque Sheep

SBA2 Baby Onesies

I Love Amatxi / Aitatxi


SBA3 Baby Onesies


SBA4 Vintage Red Onesie

with Distressed Lauburu

SBA5 Baby Onesie
Basque Outfit

SBA6 Youth Dancing
Basque Kids



SBA7 Toddler T-Shirt

SBA8 Toddler Blue or Pink

Distressed Lauburu T-Shirt

SBA9 Sailor Dress

Baby and Toddler

SBA10 Sailor Top and Shorts

Baby and Toddler


SBA11 Toddler

Striped T-Shirt


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